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July 19, 2023

STP launches debtor app InsO-Up

Uncomplicated data, document and information exchange in consumer insolvency proceedings

Karlsruhe, July 19, 2023 - With the launch of InsO-Up, the STP Group, leading provider of complete legal-tech solutions, is setting new standards in the handling of private insolvency proceedings. The new app not only maps the entire process between the insolvency administrator and the private debtor, but also creates a basis for the uncomplicated digital exchange of documents and forms. The integrated alert system also makes it easier to meet important deadlines and supports the successful handling of a debtor's residual debt discharge.

"Every insolvency - and even more so a private insolvency - brings with it complex challenges. Particularly for private individuals who become insolvent, insolvency proceedings are an exceptional organizational situation in addition to the psychological strain. As a rule, debtors find it difficult to provide their insolvency administrator with the necessary documents, forms and information in good time. In addition, they are often overwhelmed by the legal terminology alone. All this makes it difficult for insolvency administrators and debtors to communicate with each other. This is precisely where our new debtor app InsO-Up comes in. It facilitates the exchange of important documents and reminds the debtor of upcoming deadlines in good time. In this way, InsO-Up provides relief for both sides."

Fabian Henzler VP Products

As of now, the solution is available here. InsO-Up has the advantage that debtors can view current procedural information at any time without having to contact their insolvency administrator. In addition, the app has a reminder function that helps the debtor meet submission deadlines, especially since it also includes a straightforward scanning function that allows all documents to be scanned and submitted. But the insolvency administrator also benefits significantly, because the app eliminates time-consuming phone calls and conversations, and thanks to the automatic reminder function, the entire insolvency process runs much more homogeneously. Another advantage: InsO-Up offers a variety of digitized forms, so no one has to research which form is needed and where to download it. All in all, the app optimizes the course of the insolvency proceedings and reduces the stress level on both sides.

"With our app, we would also like to make a social contribution and help to at least ensure the smoothest possible process in such an unpleasant situation as an insolvency. In this day and age, it is no longer appropriate to gather and exchange documents in person and in paper form. In addition, the mobile gathering of information has already become so ingrained in our society that the principle of 'digital first' should also apply to the handling of insolvency proceedings."

Fabian Henzler VP Products

More information about the scope of services, functionality and costs of InsO-Up at: https://www.stp-online.de/produkt/insolvenzbearbeitung/inso-up/

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About STP

STP Group, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, is one of the leading providers of complete legal tech solutions that drive the digitalization of law firms, insolvency administrators and legal departments. The company offers a fully integrated legal tech platform that includes workflow automation, AI-based document management, ERP software, data management, and specialized software-enabled outsourcing services. Contract lifecycle, matter, and knowledge management solutions are also part of its extensive portfolio, which is deeply embedded in the legal services, insolvency, and business law ecosystems.

STP employs over 375 people in 10 locations and provides more than 7,000 clients with software and relevant services for their daily workflow. More info at: stp.one

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