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Allnex: Transforming Matter Management into a Superior Experience with Knowliah

Discover how allnex, a global leader in the chemical industry, improves the way of working of the legal department with Knowliah.

About allnex 

allnex is a global company specializing in industrial coatings, offering innovative solutions for automotive, construction, wood, packaging, and more. Known for its expertise in developing coatings that enhance performance and sustainability, the company aims to meet customer needs with high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions. With 4,000 employees from over 40 nations and cultures, they are dedicated to leading in innovation, quality, and reliability. Discover in the case study how the use of Knowliah enhances the efficiency and productivity of the legal department. 


Sector: Chemical Industry 
Size: 4,000+ employees in 100+ countries 
Adopted Technology: Knowliah - Matter & Document Management 

Rising to New Heights - Challenges: 

For almost two decades, allnex relied on an in-house database for document management, facing challenges with scalability. The outdated folder-based system, initially suitable for smaller volumes, became labor-intensive and impractical for handling a larger number of requests.  

In the context of allnex's internationalization, the legal department has a presence in four countries, but the current way of working and associated tools no longer meet the requirements to facilitate the global teams.  


Scaling Challenges with Knowliah: 

The Dilemma: 

allnex was posing challenges with cumbersome data management – from uploading data to data retrieval. This significantly hindered the legal department's effectiveness. allnex’ vision for a modern database included enhancing user acceptance, minimizing daily administrative support, and ensuring seamless integration within the organization. Additionally, prioritizing data security and alignment with the IT architecture were deemed essential considerations. 

The Solution: 

allnex integrated Knowliah for Matter management for their legal department. Knowliah's solution not only met the core needs of allnex but exceeded expectations with its remarkable efficiency. The seamless integration, especially the automatic archiving from Outlook, minimized administrative efforts, while the powerful search capabilities streamlined data management, significantly enhancing usability for the legal department's day-to-day tasks. 


Achieving Operational Excellence: 

  • Up-to-date, centralized database offering instant access to the latest and most vital information. 
    Ensure you never lose important emails again thanks to the automatic archiving of emails directly from Outlook, Gmail, etc. 
  • The power of comprehensive enterprise search, effortlessly exploring through all sources or databases with unparalleled efficiency. 
  • Effortlessly eliminating recurring tasks. Stop re-inventing, start re-using!  
  • The ability to run diverse reports in a flexible and customizable manner, tailored to meet your specific needs 


“The modularity of Knowliah's product line gives us the opportunity to expand considerably and further integrate contract drafting solutions, approval management and e-signature.”

Andreas Mestel General Counsel EMEA at allnex

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