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goost & nowak: Pioneering the Paperless Law Firm Revolution with AI-Powered Efficiency

Learn how goost&nowak overcame the challenges of paper-based file management with STP Documents and reduced their workload by 50%.

Spotlight on goost & nowak:

goost & nowak Rechtsanwälte, based in Cologne, Pulheim, and Bonn, specializes in insolvency administration, labor law, and commercial and corporate law. They have seamlessly transitioned into a paperless law firm using stp Documents, enhancing their ability to navigate the dynamic legal landscape. Explore their case study to discover how they are dedicated to fulfilling the legal needs of both businesses and individuals.

Sector:  Insolvency Administration and Restructuring
Size: mid-sized 
Adopted Technology: Documents

A Legal Labyrinth - The Challenges:

In response to the growing challenge of paper-dependent file management, goost & nowak  set a strategic objective to transition into a paperless legal practice. The influx of analog documents through daily mail posed a significant hurdle, demanding approximately 10 hours of a clerk's weekly commitment for document collection and classification.

Decoding the Challenges - Documents' Precision Approach:

The Quest:

In their pursuit of a streamlined legal practice, goost & nowak was on a quest to find a solution to the challenges posed by paper-dependent file management.

The Solution:

Since the law firm has been successfully working with the document management system Documents from STP for years, they decided to introduce input management. The goal was, that this would not only reduce the workload, but also lead to fewer errors, fewer reconciliations and the digitization of a central assignment process.

The Documents Edge:

The AI-based input management at goost & nowak is more than just a trailblazer for the paperless law firm, as efficiency improvements mean that manual processing now takes less than half the time it previously did, as estimated by Markus Nowak. As the saying goes, 'everything was better in the old days,' but in the case of goost & nowak, the opposite holds true.

Documents Distinctive Impacts:

✅ Automated assignment
✅ Instant access to new documents
✅ Select manual processing 
✅ 50% time reduction 

"Without the input management of STP Documents, it would no longer work in our office. The mass of incoming documents is now so large that we would no longer be able to assign them manually."

Markus Nowak Rechtsanwalt und Partner

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