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To RA Micro and back: Rister Wulf & Partner

Discover why the esteemed law firm, Rister Wulf & Partner, switched from Winmacs to RA Micro and then back again. Delve into their story to understand why they recognized Winmacs as more practical and efficient for their operations.

About Rister, Wulf & Partner

Rister, Wulf & Partner a renowned law firm in the market with 9 lawyers representing all major areas of law. With longstanding client relationships with medium-sized companies and a wide range of services, the firm has established itself as a reputable service provider not only regionally but also nationally. The firm specializes in areas such as labor law, family and inheritance law, as well as general civil law.

Navigating the Software Landscape: A Journey of Realization

The Initial Dilemma:

Content with Winmacs, the firm faced a shift in preference when a new team member championed RA Micro, citing better functionality and a comprehensive feature set. Trusting this advice, the firm transitioned to RA Micro. However, it didn't take long for them to realize the move might have been premature.

The Turning Point:

Bound by contract terms, Rister, Wulf & Partner endured RA Micro until their commitment ended. At the earliest opportunity, they reverted to Winmacs. The migration, seamless and swift, occurred overnight. Come morning, the team was greeted by the familiar and efficient interface of Winmacs, with all their data intact and accessible.

The Verdict:

Winmacs' structured and intuitive design proved superior. It allowed users to swiftly access almost any function directly, negating the need to navigate through multiple program parts. This feature alone greatly enhanced work efficiency. Moreover, Winmacs' lightning-fast processing speeds, even with substantial data, meant that waiting became a relic of the past.

Results After Winmacs Implementation

✅ Maximum flexibility
✅ Unparalleled security
✅ Instant data access
✅ Streamlined user interface


"Switching to RA Micro showed us how valuable Winmacs was and is for us. Now we are back and absolutely convinced of the practical, fast and user-friendly software."

Oliver-Christian Wulf Rechtsanwalt

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