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March 15, 2023

Deutscher Insolvenzrechtstag (German Insolvency Law Day): STP Group launches InsO-Up

The mobile debtor app helps to simplify and accelerate the insolvency process

Karlsruhe, 15 March 2023 – At the 20th German Insolvency Law Day (22-24 March 2023), STP Group will underscore its expertise in the insolvency area and present its debtor app, InsO-Up, to the public for the first time. The app simplifies communication and the exchange of data during consumer insolvency proceedings.

The app provides relief by reducing the workload on the part of insolvency administrators and debtors, by making the course of the proceeding more transparent, and by supporting the digitisation of forms. InsO-Up enables debtors to view current procedural information at any time, making it easier for them to get actively involved with their insolvency proceedings. What’s more, the insolvency administrators also benefit – they receive fewer calls from the debtors, as they can use InsO-Up to obtain information themselves about the current status of the proceedings as and when required. In addition to this, the STP app offers a variety of digitised forms and supports the digitisation of receipts, which in turn vastly reduces the workload in the insolvency procesedings. 

"We are pleased to present InsO-Up to the trade audience for the first time in Berlin and are looking forward to the feedback. I am convinced that insolvency administrators will very quickly see how significantly the app can reduce their outlay and effort, streamline processes, reduce stress levels and even increases margins on consumer insolvencies. But debtors can benefit as well, because automated reminders and built-in data digitaisation capabilities make it easier for them to fill out forms, submit documents and meet deadlines."

Frank Lembke
Frank Lembke COO of STP Group

At the STP stand (number 12), interested parties will have the opportunity to get their own impression of the mobile debtor app. Information on the German Insolvency Law Day atprogramm-dit-2023.pdf (arge-insolvenzrecht.de)

About STP

STP Group, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, is one of the leading providers of complete legal tech solutions that drive the digitalization of law firms, insolvency administrators and legal departments. The company offers a fully integrated legal tech platform that includes workflow automation, AI-based document management, ERP software, data management, and specialized software-enabled outsourcing services. Contract lifecycle, matter, and knowledge management solutions are also part of its extensive portfolio, which is deeply embedded in the legal services, insolvency, and business law ecosystems.

STP employs over 375 people in 10 locations and provides more than 7,000 clients with software and relevant services for their daily workflow. More info at: stp.one

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