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Our Solutions For

Large Creditors

Large creditors including banks, health insurance companies and debt collection agencies spend too much time, money and effort managing claims against insolvent companies and individuals. STP solutions provide the overview, insights and updates you need to manage claims more effectively and efficiently.

"Above all, the transparency within the insolvency file and the certainty of now really knowing about all insolvencies and being able to process them completely are our greatest advantages."

Who is it for?

Powerful Claim Management for Creditors

The Right Solution for Your Individual Industry

Minimize the effort and maximize the control associated with all your claims against insolvent customers.

For Banks

Get claim updates from courts and insolvency administrators through Smart Data integration with your claim management system.

For Health Insurance Providers

Access daily updates on new insolvency proceedings and easily check debtor data against current customers.

For Debt Collection Agencies

Monitor insolvency proceedings and access updates on receivables every 24 hours.

Your Benefits

Your Claims Under Control

Simplify Claim Registration

One digital platform to submit and manage all claims and related data.

Accelerate Claim Processing

Eliminate laborious, time-consuming manual tasks and paper-based communications.

Increase Claim Transparency

Anytime, anywhere access to the latest claim status and court rulings.


The Right Solutions for Your Everyday Challenges

Reduce the time, effort and cost of managing your claims against insolvent customers.

It’s tough to keep track of multiple claims against many different debtors.


Establish a central digital overview of all claims against debtors.

Submitting and managing paper documents is extremely time-consuming.


Digitize all claim filings and communication processes.

Chasing insolvency administrators about claim progress is extremely inefficient.


Gain access to a centralized digital repository that gives you all the answers to proceedings you otherwise had to ask for.

It’s laborious to import/export claim data and access information on claim rulings.


Get secure, anywhere, anytime digital access to current claim status, related documents and automatic updates on court rulings.

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Products & Add-ons

Products That Help Solve Your Challenges


Smart Data

STP’s tailored Smart Data products support the success of your business by ensuring you have critical business and insolvency data about your customers, competitors and partners at your fingertips.


Creditor Hub

Your one-stop hub where all your proceedings and claims are brought together, offering you maximum transparency and efficiency for your claims management.


Enjoy a New Way of Working

Reduced efforts

Accelerate and simplify submission and management of all claims via one central platform.

Clear overview

Significantly improve claim management efficiency and status visibility.

Always up-to-date

Easily self-update creditor information as circumstances change.

More resources

Free up resources previously used to chase information.

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Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

✓Minimize effort through API connections ✓Get comprehensive insights & increase transparency ✓Stay informed 24/7. Book your free demo at STP now!

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

✓Unified Search ✓Capture all email communications ✓Superior document scanning ✓Intelligent templates ✓Efficient document management & more. More info!

Contract lifecycyle management: Easy contract control

Contract lifecycyle management: Easy contract control

End-to-end contract control with STP: ✓draft ✓manage & ✓track contracts throughout their lifecycle. Create reliabe contracts effortlessly. More info!


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Discover the perfect solution for your individual needs with our comprehensive product portfolio. From contract lifecycle management to knowledge management, streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Explore our use cases now!