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Use Case

Conflict Check

Significantly reduce risk for your law firm by automatically identifying possible conflicts when assessing potential new clients.

Key Benefits

Client Conflict Checks Made Easy

Accelerate Checking Process

Complete checks quickly through a 100% digital process and comprehensive search automation.

Search Flexibly

Conduct conflict checks automatically or manually, and in conjunction with existing files, or without a specific reference file.

Ensure Completeness

Check for conflicts across corporate entities, ownership structures, legal issues, between clients and against EU sanctions and associated blacklists.

How it works

Avoid Case Conflicts, Automagically 🪄

Skip the hassle of manual conflict checks during client onboarding. Embrace automation to identify potential conflicts swiftly and effortlessly.

Automatic, File-independent Conflict Check

  • Quick Scan: Conduct a quick conflict check without defining a specific file or contacts.  
  • Refined Searches: Refine the search with conflict keywords and scope parameters. 
  • Consistent Monitoring: Save and repeat individual checks so that they can be repeated to identify changed circumstances.  



Automatic, File-specific Conflict Check

  • Seamless Background Checks: Automatically run a conflict check in the background as soon as a file is tagged as being in process within the central practice management system. 
  • Holistic Contact Review: Account for all contacts including clients, plaintiffs, and all other relevant stakeholders.  
  • Effortless Result Analysis: Quickly view conflict check status, check history and accept check results when the search is complete.  
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Tailored Conflict Check

  • Tailored Scope: Manually configure the scope of the conflict check through criteria you define.  
  • Keyword Precision: Define conflict keywords that are relevant to specific cases or situations.  
  • Focused Comparisons: Conduct specific plaintiff vs plaintiff and defendant vs defendant checks.  



Test Logic For Your Conflict Check

  • In-depth Party Analysis: Distinguish between direct contact parties and any affiliates that should be included in the audit contacts. 
  • Exhaustive Checks: Perform comprehensive file-specific and file-independent checks. 
  • Phonetic Matching: Include phonetically similar contacts from within and outside the central practice management system in the check.  

“Lexolution helps you grow. A law firm grows like its clients - through professional structures. Because management, controlling and reporting are also crucial to success. Thus, every lawyer at Graf von Westphalen is optimally organized: Time tracking and reporting tell the partners at all times what is being done and what can be done. The workload is optimized. The quality of advice improves. Earnings increase. The lawyers achieve more - together with the clients.”

Products & Add-ons

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Lexolution helps your law firm to ensure long-term profitability. How? By empowering legal professionals to work more efficiently, effectively and 100% digitally - all in one place.

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Built with Swiss law in mind, Winjur helps small and midsized legal firms in Switzerland free up more time for client work.


Smart Data

STP’s tailored Smart Data products support the success of your business by ensuring you have critical business and insolvency data about your customers, competitors and partners at your fingertips.

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