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Law Firm Software That Boosts Efficiency & Profitability!

Lexolution helps your law firm to ensure long-term profitability. How? By empowering legal professionals to work more efficiently, effectively and 100% digitally - all in one place. It is the perfect solution for corporate law firms, boutiques, and spin-offs of large law firms with individual compliance and controlling requirements.

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Your Benefits

From Law Firm to Legal Business...

Boost Your Bottom Line

Unlock your firm's full revenue potential with precise billing, expanded client reach, and avenues for higher-value services - all while mitigating financial risk.

Streamline Your Operations

Cut through inefficiencies by centralizing workflows, automating tedious tasks, and personalizing user experiences. Focus on what truly adds value to your practice.

Elevate Client Satisfaction

Revolutionize case management by accelerating processes, offering anticipatory services, and enhancing client communications, generating stellar customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships.

How it works

…through all-in-one workflow management.

Lexolution puts legal business success factors, such as process intelligence and ROI, first – then adds all the functionality your legal professionals demand.

New Matter Intake: Fast, automated, safe

Lexolution helps you manage the entire client acceptance process efficiently and with minimum risk.

  • Establish a complete overview: Manage all new client data and documents in one place, from initial contact to intake forms and file creation.
  • Accelerate client assessment and onboarding: Standardize processes to minimize effort and errors and customize where necessary.
  • Minimize risk: Protect against compliance failures, financial penalties, and reputational damage through automated checks against regulations and client conflicts.
  • Enhance data consistency: Make client data available simultaneously within individual automated workflows and the central Lexolution system.

Time & Billing: Easy, efficient, accurate

Lexolution helps ensure every billable hour is captured, and that your revenue streams keep flowing.

  • Avoid typical per-lawyer revenue loss of 5-30%: Simplify time-tracking to help lawyers record their billable hours accurately.
  • Increase billing accuracy: Automate forwarding of billable hours for invoicing within the system.
  • Reduce cancellations and write-offs: Automatically validate services provided against contracts – even for extremely complex client agreements.
  • Optimize cashflow: Standardize invoice drafting, including eBilling in LEDES or XInvoice formats.
  • Ensure compliant invoicing:Leverage built-in checks against billing and plausibility guidelines.
P-LEXolution KMS-TimeandBilling
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New Matter Intake

In today’s competitive legal landscape, the overall impact of New Matter Intake (NMI) cannot be overstated. Find out how legal tech can help you achieve your goals. Download your free White Paper now!

Revenue Distribution: Simple, comprehensive, consistent

Lexolution helps you record revenues accurately and automatically, avoiding the errors often made during manual data entry.

  • Improve revenue distribution accuracy: Configure booking automation for invoicing and payment capture.
  • Ensure information consistency: Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to overall-, per invoice- and per case views of revenue data.
  • Increase financial reporting quality: Ensure accurate revenue recording and distribution.
P-LEXolution KMS-Revenue Distribution

Document Management: Effective, integrated, complete

The Lexolution suite’s document management functionality helps legal professionals store documents securely and traceably, find them quickly, and process them digitally.

  • Improve document management efficiency and security: Integrate Lexolution with all STP’s legal tech products, secure communications systems (such as beA in Germany), and essential applications like Microsoft Office 365.
  • Support flexible working practices: Enable mobile device access to all case-relevant data and documents.
  • Support deadline fulfilment: Standardize and task-orient your processes for mail delivery and receipt.
  • Enjoy an intuitive user experience: Replicate paper document filing structures digitally so that, for example, documents can be viewed chronologically.
P-LEXolution KMS-Document Management
Facts and Figures

Boost Your Scores

Shifting from traditional methods to law firm management software isn't just following a fad; it's embracing innovation. Navigate smoother operations, tap into growth opportunities, and diminish redundant efforts.


higher EBITDA


more billable hours


higher profitability

Customer Voices

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Instead better read about what other customer's have to say.

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Use Cases For Law Firms

Take a look at these use cases for insolvency law firms demonstrating what our product portfolio could do for you and your company.

Client intake software for large law firms | ⚡ By stp.one

Client intake software for large law firms | ⚡ By stp.one

✓Accelerate onboarding ✓Increase data quality ✓Ensure compliance ✓Client conflict check. Select the right clients with our software solutions!

Time & billing lawyers: Maximize earnings with precision

Time & billing lawyers: Maximize earnings with precision

✓Capture every billable moment ✓Streamline invoicing ✓Ensure a consistent & robust revenue flow ✓Empower your legal practice to thrive. Get more info now!

Client conflict checking software: Reduce risks significantly

Client conflict checking software: Reduce risks significantly

✓Accelerate checking processes ✓Search flexibility ✓Ensure completeness. Skip the hassle of manual checks and avoid case conflicts with STP´s software!

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

✓Unified Search ✓Capture all email communications ✓Superior document scanning ✓Intelligent templates ✓Efficient document management & more. More info!


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