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Legal Twin: The simplest path to super-productivity for your small law firm

Legal Twin is your multi-skilled digital colleague, trained to perform a variety of specialist skills for you. It’s an AI-powered tool that’s super-simple to use and knows exactly how to help you get more done. It’s like having another you at your side to complete necessary but repetitive tasks, so you have more time and energy to focus on your clients.

Your Benefits

Competitive advantage…

Instant access to insights

Get immediate access to detailed case overviews at the click of a button – no time-consuming information gathering and consolidation.

Faster case management

Leverage AI-accelerated tools for enhanced document handling and case summarization.

Enhanced client service

Manage multiple cases more easily and free up time from repetitive administrative tasks to focus on adding more client value.

Legal Twin

See the Legal Twin in action

How it works

…through AI-enabled super-productivity.

Enjoy instant cloud-based access to your AI-powered Legal Twin. The tool integrates seamlessly with Advoware (cloud version) without any migration work. And of course, European data residency and GDPR compliance comes as standard.

Case Management: Identify, extract, generate

  • Identify and categorize key figures and terms in case documents
  • Analyze document data to immediately construct visual case timelines
  • Manage multiple cases effectively and seamlessly while reducing the burden of multi-tasking  



Paralegal Assistance: Analyze, summarize, understand

  • Analyze documents to understand context, content and meaning – automatically. 
  • Distill the important points from lengthy documents into concise summaries with a few clicks.   
  • Provide fast, informed responses to clients without the time and effort involved in manually collating information 


Facts and Figures

Turn Productivity into Profit

Our aim with the Legal Twin for Advoware (cloud version) is to make your journey to super-productivity effortless. We won’t add a feature unless it helps makes make you even more productive.

Start the path to 3x you! The journey towards…


reduction in the time you spend on non-client work


increase in your case-processing speed


increase in your overall productivity

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Legal AI?

Legal AI refers to the application of artificial intelligence technologies in the field of law. This integration of AI into legal processes and services aims to improve efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

What are some typical use cases for Legal AI?
  1. Document Analysis: AI tools can quickly analyze large volumes of legal documents to identify relevant passages, suggest edits, or check for compliance with laws and regulations. This saves time compared to manual review and can increase accuracy.
  2. Legal Research: AI can streamline the legal research process by quickly searching through vast amounts of legal texts to find relevant case law, statutes, and legal writings. This can help lawyers prepare more effectively for cases.
  3. Contract Review and Management: AI is used in drafting, reviewing, and managing contracts. It can identify standard clauses, suggest changes, and alert users to potential legal issues.
  4. Automation of Routine Tasks: Many routine legal tasks, such as filling out forms or generating standard legal documents, can be automated with AI, freeing up lawyers to focus on more complex and strategic aspects of their work.
How can legal AI set the pathway to super productivity?

Legal AI can significantly enhance productivity in the legal field through various means, fundamentally altering how legal work is approached and managed. Here’s how legal AI is setting the pathway to super productivity:

  1. Automating Routine Tasks: AI can handle routine and repetitive tasks like document review, legal research, and drafting standard forms. This automation frees up legal professionals to focus on more complex and strategic aspects of their work, thereby increasing their productivity and efficiency.
  2. Improving Accuracy and Speed: AI tools are designed to process vast amounts of information much faster than humans can. They also reduce human errors in tasks like contract analysis or citation checks. For instance, AI-powered contract review tools can quickly identify critical clauses and potential issues, allowing lawyers to finalize agreements more swiftly and with greater confidence in their accuracy.
  3. Enhanced Decision Making: Legal AI can analyze past case outcomes, legal precedents, and other relevant data to provide insights and predictive analytics. This information can aid lawyers in formulating case strategies, assessing risks, and making more informed decisions about how to proceed with cases.
  4. Customization and Personalization: AI can tailor legal solutions to individual cases or business needs. By leveraging data analytics, AI can help in customizing contracts, policies, and legal arguments to better suit specific circumstances, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of legal interventions.
  5. Continuous Learning and Improvement: AI systems often incorporate machine learning, meaning they continuously learn and improve from new data. As these systems are exposed to more legal scenarios and documents, they become even more accurate and efficient, further increasing productivity over time.
By integrating AI tools into their practices, law firms and legal departments can significantly enhance their operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their legal services, setting a clear pathway to what could be considered 'super productivity' in the field.