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Use Case

Know Your Case

Use Legal Twin for Advoware to dramatically accelerate access to client information and clear case overviews.

Key Benefits

Boost Employee Satisfaction

Your Legal Twin simplifies and accelerates workflows, helping to boost employee satisfaction and retention.

Eliminate Skills Shortages

Your Legal Twin is easy to scale and will take on more tasks over time as it evolves, helping you reduce the risk of skills shortages within your practice.

Establish Competitive Advantage

Your Legal Twin gives you a significant competitive advantage in efficiency, client responsiveness and guaranteed data privacy, helping you differentiate your firm.

How it Works

Your AI-Powered Case Management Workflow

No matter if a client calls unexpectedly, demanding an update on their case, or if you want to get to work without the time-consuming tasks that don’t deliver direct client value, you have it covered with the help of your Legal Twin.

Manage Cases Efficiently

  • Find key information rapidly: Entity extraction instantly identifies and categorizes key figures and terms for you within documents. 
  • Visualize case timelines with a click: Timeline generation analyses key document data for you and constructs visual timelines in seconds. 
  • Immediate response: Your Legal Twin helps you react immediately to client requests, pulling up all the relevant documents and details within a structured, intuitive online dashboard. 

Simplify case overviews

  • Summarize cases in seconds: Leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) to quickly consolidate lengthy documents into concise, accurate summaries. 
  • Clarify case complexity: Utilize natural language processing (NLP) to analyze documents and extract key insights in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.  
  • Controlled Conversation: Easily discuss cases with your clients, armed with all the relevant information at your fingertips, including a case summary, a detailed visual timeline, an overview of the involved parties, and summaries of all the relevant case documents—all created by your Legal Twin. 

Enhanced Client Interaction

  • Client Delight: Impress your clients with your responsiveness and the thoroughness of your updates, reinforcing their confidence in your abilities and strengthening your relationship. 
  • Increased Productivity: Efficiently handle client inquiries, allowing you to return to higher-value work more quickly, thus boosting your overall productivity. 
  • New Perspectives: Realize how your Legal Twin can significantly enhance your productivity and reshape your approach to legal work. 
Watch the Demo

See the Legal twin for Advoware in action for yourself.


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Advoware is a powerful yet cost-effective software for individual lawyers, smaller law firms and notaries, to significantly increase the efficiency of your daily work.


Legal Twin

Imagine being able to create case analyses, summaries and schedules at the touch of a button, with virtually no manual effort. This is now possible with the Legal Twin for Advoware.

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