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InsO-Up Add-On for Winsolvenz

Private Debtor Communication Made Fast and Easy

The InsO-Up add-on for Winsolvenz is an easy-to-use web-based app that helps accelerate the processing of consumer insolvency proceedings. It allows private debtors to submit proceeding information and documents to insolvency agents digitally via their smartphones. And the best part: It pays for itself from the second consumer insolvency proceeding onwards!

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Your Benefits

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Maximize Your Earnings

Increase your income in every consumer insolvency proceeding by digitizing and dramatically accelerating debtor document submission and communication.

Stop Chasing Private Debtors

Provide private debtors with an intuitive web-based app that reminds them when and what information and documents to submit and makes uploading and sending those documents a breeze.

Eliminate Paper Processing

Use smart forms and automatic PDF creation within the InsO-Up web app to accept, process and store all debtor data, quickly and easily.

How it works

The Smarter Way to Manage Consumer Insolvency Proceeding

InsO-Up simplifies the entire insolvency process for you and the private debtor. By digitizing and automating the communication and submission of information, you can enjoy increased productivity with each additional mandate and ultimately increased revenue.

100% Digital Debtor Communication

InsO-Up makes it easy for debtors to capture and submit all the data and documentation you need to process their mandate easily, quickly and effectively. 
  • Step-by-step instructions: Debtors are guided through the process of capturing and sending case information within the web app. Integrated FAQs reduce the need to answer the same questions from every debtor.
  • Snap and send: Debtors can simply use the app to take a photo of any document and send it instantly.
  • Save and return: Inputs can be saved at any time to be completed and submitted later on.

Integrated Into Your Existing Workflows

The InsO-Up web app works seamlessly with the insolvency management software you already use, for maximum workflow acceleration.

  • Anywhere, anytime access: Debtor submissions are automatically uploaded into your Winsolvenz environment, where you can access, edit and forward them as needed.
  • Maximum data quality: Smart forms and automated PDF document conversion help ensure the right data is captured immediately and stored in your document management system.
  • Easy to use templates: Forms and questionnaires can be created and easily adapted to fit the situation of each individual debtor, maximizing response rates.
  • Automated reminders: Debtors get alerted whenever they need to take action in terms of, for example, submitting salary slips or other documents.

Peace of Mind for You and Your insolvency debtors

The InsO-Up app is designed to make it easy and stress-free for your private debtors to fulfill their responsibilities during what is often an emotional time for them.

  • Comprehensive data capture: A gamified interface, including a “progress towards discharge of residual debt” visual, helps motivate debtors to complete their tasks and provide all the necessary data and documents on time.
  • Familiar login and communication options: Debtors can login to the web app using their existing Google, Microsoft or Apple account.
  • Automated compliance: The InsO-Up web-app meets all the latest data privacy regulations and is regularly updated to comply with new regulations as they are introduced.
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Facts and Figures

Why Digitization Will Make the Difference

Digitize communication in consumer insolvency proceedings and drastically reduce efforts.


faster claim processing


Consumer insolvency proceedings


reduction in debtor management effort

Customer Voices

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Innovative digital insolvency case management & commmunication

Innovative digital insolvency case management & commmunication

✓Accelerate communications ✓Centralize management ✓Maximize profitability & free up time to take on more cases. Book a free demo with our experts now!

Digital Submission of Tables and Records

Digital Submission of Tables and Records

Dramatically reduce the time and effort required to submit filing documents to the insolvency court, fulfilling court requirements at the same time.

Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

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