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Use Case

Digital Insolvency Case Management & Communication

Significantly cut down the time and effort required to manage claim registration and communication between creditors and debtors through fully digital workflows.

Your Benefits

Digitize Your Processes, Maximize Your Profitability

Accelerate Communications

Dramatically reduce the time and effort involved in issue claims, exchanging data and submitting documents by digitizing claim management and communications.

Centralize Management

Provide creditors with one convenient place to check claim status and enable debtors to receive notifications when action is required.

Maximize Profitability

Increase profit margin per case by significantly reducing administrative overhead, and freeing up time to take on more cases.

How it works

Innovation in Insolvency Administration

A step towards the future: With digital workflows and user-friendliness for insolvency administrators, creditors and debtors.

Digitize Claim Workflows

  • Online submission: Enable creditors to file and monitor claims digitally via an integrated online information management system. 
  • Simply paperless: Eliminate workflow interruptions caused by paper-based processes by digitizing all creditor/debtor documentation and communication. 
  • Automated storage: Promote automatic electronic filing of submitted documents within the appropriate document management system.  
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Enable Private Debtor Self-service

  • Mobile document submission: Empower private debtors to seamlessly digitize and send documents to the administrator via a mobile app.  
  • Better results: Maximize debtor engagement with an intuitive app user experience.  
  • Debtor Self-help option: Reduce inquiries to your law firm, thanks to the comprehensive FAQ page in the app.  

Improve Response Quality & Punctuality in Private Debtor Proceedings

  • Targeted data collection: Always receive exactly the information you need by either using our questionnaire templates or customizing them to the debtor's particular circumstances. 
  • Questionnaire templates: Avoid inaccuracies and omissions by eliminating manual data entry and leveraging integrated, easy-to-use templates for documentation submissions.  
  • Automatic notification: Leverage the progress display and automated reminders to motivate debtors to provide documentation promptly. 
  • Reminder function: Encourage completion of tasks using digital reminders. 

“The duration and outcome of insolvency proceedings should not be a product of chance. Project planning, control as well as project controlling can be mapped reliably with Winsolvenz.”

Products & Add-ons

Products That Help Solve Your Challenges

Insolvency Management


Winsolvenz drives your productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual work, and by making it easier to manage even the largest proceedings in all German insolvency courts.

Insolvency Management


Digitize the communication with the private debtor with InsO-Up ensuring better quality, reduced effort on your end and increased profits.

Insolvency Management


GIS offers law firms a digital platform, allowing creditors to autonomously check insolvency proceedings, ensuring continuous access independent of the firm's availability.

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STP Group is revolutionizing electronic legal transactions at the Leipziger Insolvenzrechtstag.

Deutscher Insolvenzrechtstag (German Insolvency Law Day): STP Group launches InsO-Up

Deutscher Insolvenzrechtstag (German Insolvency Law Day): STP Group launches InsO-Up

STP Group launches InsO-Up, a mobile debtor app that simplifies and accelerates the insolvency process.

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Digital Submission of Tables and Records

Digital Submission of Tables and Records

Dramatically reduce the time and effort required to submit filing documents to the insolvency court, fulfilling court requirements at the same time.

Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

✓Minimize effort through API connections ✓Get comprehensive insights & increase transparency ✓Stay informed 24/7. Book your free demo at STP now!

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