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Advoware: The Simplest Way to Digitize Your Small Law Firm

Advoware is a powerful yet cost-effective software that helps you significantly increase the efficiency of your daily work - on premises or in the cloud. The established law firm software is designed for smaller law firms and notaries and offers a comprehensive solution for file management, scheduling and automated deadline monitoring.

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Your Benefits

The Most Cost-Effective Way ...

Streamline Daily Work

Work faster and more efficiently than ever with a fully customizable digital hub for managing your daily business.

Manage Documents Efficiently

Create, manage, store, and protect all the digital documents your practice needs to serve your clients optimally.

Protect Your Cashflow

Take control of your financial operations like never before. From accurate invoicing and equitable revenue distribution to streamlined bookkeeping.

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Super-productivity. Simplified.

Imagine you could produce case insights, summaries and timelines at the click of a button, with virtually zero manual effort. You can, right now, with the Legal Twin for Advoware (cloud version).

How it works

… To Digitize Your Legal Workflows.

Whether in the cloud or installed on your own network, Advoware helps you digitize your workflows professionally, without breaking your budget.

Digital Operations: Complete, flexible, centralized

Advoware gives your small law firm the power to streamline your daily operations and serve clients more efficiently. 

  • Centralized management: Utilize one software solution to manage every digital workflow in your practice.  
  • Unlimited data: Get enough storage for all your appointments, accounts, invoices, case files and more.  
  • Flexible deployment: Run Advoware in the cloud, via VPN, or within your own onsite network.  



Document Management: Create, manage, organize

Advoware helps you eliminate hours of work when creating, managing, and organizing documents of all kinds.  

  • Accelerate document management: Automate the entire document management process from creation to secure storage.  
  • Integrate communications: Utilize built-in placeholders, auto text, templates and optional S/MIME encryption for client communications, including beA and E-Post.  
  • Automate alignment: Assign incoming scans, emails, E-Post and beA messages to case files and workflows automatically.  



Time for the Cloud: Simple, Secure, Flexible

Mentally put a checkmark behind the topic of software and IT. Simply use Advoware via web browser or app - incl. emails, Office 365 and more.

  • Maximize security: Our partner's data centers are ISO 27001-certified, are located at redundant locations in Germany and are 100% EU-GDPR compliant.
  • Minimize administration effort: From moving data from your old software, configuring and updating all components, to backups and IT security – put a mental checkmark next to it.
  • Out of the box: Log in and get started straight away. Enjoy the performance of a virtual Windows that has been optimally preconfigured for you, including all the applications you need - easy and directly in your browser.


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New Matter Intake

In today’s competitive legal landscape, the overall impactof New Matter Intake (NMI) cannot be overstated. First andforemost, NMI has a direct impact on client satisfaction.

Financial Management: Comprehensive, efficient, smart

Advoware helps you digitize your practice’s financial processes, from time-tracking to invoice creation and bookkeeping.  

  • Create accurate invoices: Utilize time-tracking, customizable templates, automated reminders and pre-defined hourly rates to ensure billing accuracy.  
  • Track and distribute revenue: Monitor revenue per client or lawyer to ensure fair internal fee distribution.  
  • Streamline bookkeeping: Leverage automated creation of financial reports and semi-automatic capture of digital receipts, as well as efficient data export in multiple formats.  

Efficient Working: Intuitive, dynamic, customizable

Advoware makes it easy to complete tasks and processes quickly and digitally.  

  • Personalize your workspace: Use favorites and design options to build your optimal digital working environment.  
  • Plan your day: Leverage the optional integrated day planner to help you manage tasks, messaging, appointments and in/outboxes with minimum effort.   
  • Work faster: Leverage a structured interface that helps you focus on each category of tasks required for legal work.  
Facts and Figures

Boost Your Scores

Shifting from traditional methods to law firm management software isn't just following a fad; it's embracing innovation. Navigate smoother operations, tap into growth opportunities, and diminish redundant efforts.


customer satisfaction and growing


small to medium size law firms and noataries in germany


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