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Law Firms

Legal work is undergoing a massive transformation, driven by increasing competition, intensifying regulations, new employment patterns and rapidly evolving digital tools. STP has the solutions you need to master these challenges.

Who is it for?

Powerful Solutions for Every Law Firm

Pick the Right Solution for You!

The right solution for every size and different areas of expertise to make your law firm successful.

For Corporate Law Firms View Product

Lexolution is the best solution for corporate law firms with individual compliance and controlling requirements.

For Medium-Size Law Firms and Notary Law Firms View Product

Winmacs offers solutions for law firms and notary offices that focus on modern forensic and digital working methods.

For Smaller Law Firms View Product

Advoware is the right solution for solo lawyers and smaller law firms who want to map all relevant processes quickly and easily.

For Swiss Law Firms View Product

Winjur is the Swiss army knife of law firm software for small and medium-sized Swiss law firms with a focus on Swiss law.

Your Benefits

Your Workspace for Future-Proof Profitability

Maximize margins

Access the proven digital tools you need to retain your position and maximize profitability.

Grow smarter

Get the integrated digital workspace you need to grow your law firm .

Increase efficiency

Automate repetitive manual tasks, helping you increase productivity and lower your costs.


The Right Solutions for Your Everyday Challenges

Reduce the time, effort and cost of managing your law firm’s core processes and workflows.

Completing many legal tasks manually is tedious and labor-intensive.


Automate and standardize manual tasks including new matter intake, document management, time-tracking, billing and client communication.

It’s hard to establish a clear overview of current client work.


Establish a centralized, integrated workspace that covers every aspect of client business.

Manual processes increase the risk of compliance failures and client conflicts.


Automate the processes involved in making checks against regulations, blacklists and potential client conflicts.

A solid IT infrastructure is an important prerequisite for successful law firm operations, but costs lots of time and money.


Rely on secure and preconfigured cloud and SaaS solutions that ensure you have a worry-free digital work experience.

Lawyers typically fail to record 5-30% of their billable work.


Implement easy time-tracking and accurate billing that helps lawyers capture and charge accurately for every billable hour.

Manual work causes a lot of errors and omissions in legal documents.


Automate validation of services provided against any contract.

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Products & Add-ons

Products That Help Solve Your Challenges

Law Firm Management


Advoware is a powerful yet cost-effective software for individual lawyers, smaller law firms and notaries, to significantly increase the efficiency of your daily work.

Law Firm Management


Winmacs supercharges your daily work by simplifying and accelerating all workflows and processes on which you and your clients depend.

Law Firm Management


Lexolution helps your law firm to ensure long-term profitability. How? By empowering legal professionals to work more efficiently, effectively and 100% digitally - all in one place.

Law Firm Management


Built with Swiss law in mind, Winjur helps small and midsized legal firms in Switzerland free up more time for client work.



STP Documents empowers your law firm to establish complete control over crucial documents and workflows, in the office and on the move.

Law Firm Management

Legal Workspace

The Legal Workspace simplifies processes such as new matter intake and conflict checks while adhering to compliance guidelines—smart, cloud-based, and directly in your browser.


Enjoy a New Way of Working

Faster Task Completion

Accelerate daily working and processes for all legal professionals.

Higher Revenues

Ensure revenues are recorded and distributed accurately, fairly and automatically.

Complete Transparency

Access consistent, accurate client information anytime, anywhere.

Higher Service Quality

Simply offer your clients more. Through digital convenience, faster response times and the reduced errors.

Lower Risk

Ensure compliant and reliable operations more easily and cost-effectively with the right cloud or SaaS solution.

Related Use Cases

Dive Deeper Into the Topic

Take a look at these use cases for insolvency law firms demonstrating what our product portfolio could do for you and your company.

Client conflict checking software: Reduce risks significantly

Client conflict checking software: Reduce risks significantly

✓Accelerate checking processes ✓Search flexibility ✓Ensure completeness. Skip the hassle of manual checks and avoid case conflicts with STP´s software!

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

✓Unified Search ✓Capture all email communications ✓Superior document scanning ✓Intelligent templates ✓Efficient document management & more. More info!

Client selection software: Less risks & more efficiency

Client selection software: Less risks & more efficiency

✓Accelerate onboarding ✓Increase data quality ✓Ensure compliance ✓Smart data & automation. Select the right clients with the our software solutions!

Time & billing lawyers: Maximize earnings with precision

Time & billing lawyers: Maximize earnings with precision

✓Capture every billable moment ✓Streamline invoicing ✓Ensure a consistent & robust revenue flow ✓Empower your legal practice to thrive. Get more info now!

Contract lifecycyle management: Easy contract control

Contract lifecycyle management: Easy contract control

End-to-end contract control with STP: ✓draft ✓manage & ✓track contracts throughout their lifecycle. Create reliabe contracts effortlessly. More info!


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