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Empower Your Insolvency Law Firm To Reach New Heights

Winsolvenz drives your productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual work, and by making it easier to manage even the largest proceedings in all German courts.

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Your Benefits

A Clear Focus On Productivity For You…

Ensure Compliance

Meet all current German court requirements for insolvency proceedings, enabling you to appear in court nationwide.

Reduce Manual Effort

Whether receiving documents, importing creditor files, or preparing for document delivery, benefit from reduced manual effort and increased efficiency.

Enable Scalability

Easily handle small and large proceedings with any number of parties, regardless of the size of your firm.

How it works

…And An Enhanced Experience For All Parties Involved In The Proceedings.

Winsolvenz empowers you to build a high performance, efficient and profitable proceeding management system right from the start, even if you’re dealing with very large proceedings. By enabling process standardization and automation, you gain the control you need over your proceedings, freeing you to focus on your core tasks.

Digital workflows: Standardized and customizable

Winsolvenz empowers you to digitize and standardize many of the manual tasks required in processing insolvency proceedings.

  • Digitize processes: Use Winsolvenz to map and integrate core insolvency case processes.
  • Automate workflows: Leverage the integrated Inputmanagement to significantly reduce the manual effort involved in processing incoming mail.
  • Stay productive anywhere: Access messages, documents and files on mobile devices.

Document submission: Simple, digital, efficient

Winsolvenz significantly simplifies the submission of documents to your insolvency court.

  • Meet court requirements: Fulfil the requirements of a growing number of courts to digitally file the spreadsheet along with claim documents.
  • Accelerate document distribution: Allow creditors to file their claims online and associate claim filing documents directly with the claim table to make it easier to send documents to the court.
  • Optimize table mailing: Send the insolvency table and related filing in one digital step to the relevant insolvency court.
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Streamlined communications: Smart, structured, flexible

Winsolvenz helps you increase the speed and efficiency of your communications with courts, debtors and creditors. 
  • Digitize messaging: Use Inputmanagement to digitize the processing of messages and documents via e-mail, post or beA. 
  • Centralize creditor updates: Give creditors a centralized, self-service system (GIS) to upload information and monitor case status. 
  • Simplify debtor communications: Use the new InsO-Up app to digitally assign tasks to private debtors and allow them to upload documents and information to your system easily and quickly. 

ForStab 2.0: Integrated, fast, efficient

Winsolvenz supports consistent ForStab-compliant reporting that is increasingly required by local courts in Germany.

  • Meet requirements easily: Use the integrated ForStab 2.0 module to ensure compliant reporting.
  • Create balance sheet and balance overviews: Use data from the Winsolvenz system to quickly create updated evaluations at any stage of the proceedings.
Facts and Figures

Why Digitization Will Make The Difference

Transitioning from paper to a digital workflow is more than a trend - it's a smart business move.

Experience fewer headaches, achieve more growth, and reduce manual tasks substantially. Embrace the digital evolution and position your business for enduring success. It's not just a glimpse into the future; it's the strategy forward-thinking leaders are adopting now.


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Customer Voices

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Innovative digital insolvency case management & commmunication

Innovative digital insolvency case management & commmunication

✓Accelerate communications ✓Centralize management ✓Maximize profitability & free up time to take on more cases. Book a free demo with our experts now!

Digital Submission of Tables and Records

Digital Submission of Tables and Records

Dramatically reduce the time and effort required to submit filing documents to the insolvency court, fulfilling court requirements at the same time.

Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

✓Minimize effort through API connections ✓Get comprehensive insights & increase transparency ✓Stay informed 24/7. Book your free demo at STP now!

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

✓Unified Search ✓Capture all email communications ✓Superior document scanning ✓Intelligent templates ✓Efficient document management & more. More info!


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