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Accelerate Your Workflows to Power Profitable Growth

Winmacs supercharges your daily work by simplifying and accelerating all workflows and processes on which you and your clients depend - on premises or in the cloud. The modularly expandable and fully comprehensive law firm software is specially developed for medium-sized law firms and notary's offices that rely on modern forensic and digital working methods.

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Your Benefits

Faster, Simpler Law Firm Management…

Accelerate Daily Work

Benefit from an intuitive user interface that simply reflects all law firm processes in a practical way. Stop struggling with an unnecessarily complicated system and instead focus on what's important - your clients.

Unlock Peak Efficiency

Take advantage of the benefits of automation. Streamline your workflows, reduce errors and cut costs. Streamline repetitive manual tasks and pave the way to higher productivity and thus a more profitable law firm.

Master Your Case Management

Simplify case management across involved parties, documents, tasks, invoices, deadlines, reminders, and appointments. Gain the upper hand in staying organized, meeting deadlines, and keep clients happy.

How it works

…for growth-focused law firms.

Whether in the cloud or installed on your own servers, Winmacs helps legal professionals work faster and smarter. The result? Enhanced operational efficiency and better client experiences that drive growth for your law firm.

Digital Case Management: Powerful, time-efficient, future-proof

Winmacs gives your law firm a comprehensive, integrated digital workspace to manage all your cases centrally, intuitively and quickly.  

  • Simplify daily work: Utilize one digital workspace to find and manage all new client data, documents and workflows. 
  • Digitize your way: Leverage a familiar but digital environment that reflects the typical workflows found in law firms and enables you to easily work on multiple cases at the same time (multi-tab support). 
  • Enhance security: Utilize secure file storage that protects sensitive data and allows tailored access to it based on roles and responsibilities that you define.  


P-Winmacs-Digital Case Management

Document Management: Create, manage, organize

Winmacs helps legal professionals to eliminate hours of work when creating and organizing documents of all kinds.  

  • Accelerate document management: Automate the creation and formatting of documents with case-specific data and content. 
  • Simplify document storage and distribution: Easily assign documents to case files and Winmacs workflows via email, beA, or other digital systems.  
  • Customize dynamically: Use the smart text processing, for fast and comfortable communication with your client. 


P-Winmacs-Document Management

Time for the Cloud: Simple, Secure, Flexible

Mentally put a checkmark behind the topic of software and IT. Simply use Winmacs via web browser or app - incl. emails, Office 365 and more.

  • Maximize security: Our partner's data centers are ISO 27001-certified, are located at redundant locations in Germany and are 100% EU-GDPR compliant.
  • Minimize administration effort: From moving data from your old software, configuring and updating all components, to backups and IT security – put a mental checkmark next to it.
  • Out of the box: Log in and get started straight away. Enjoy the performance of a virtual Windows that has been optimally preconfigured for you, including all the applications you need - easy and directly in your browser.
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New Matter Intake - Status, Challenges, and how Legal Tech can help

In today’s competitive legal landscape, the overall impact of New Matter Intake (NMI) cannot be overstated.

Financial Management: Comprehensive, efficient, smart

Winmacs helps you take charge of your law firm finances, from billing to bookkeeping, planning, budgeting and forecasting.  

  • Optimize controlling: Access comprehensive financial overviews and leverage extensive analysis and modelling functions.  
  • Integrate financial data comprehensively: Use the automated billing function to account for court costs, advances, etc. 
  • Simplify bookkeeping: Leverage an intuitive accounting interface to quickly enter your accounting transactions, easy export of records for tax accountants, and optional enhancements for balance sheet accounting.  


P-Winmacs-Financial Management

Client Communication: Aligned, complete, consistent

Winmacs enables you to manage all your firm’s critical client communications efficiently, securely and digitally – all in one place.  

  • Simplify digital signing: Sign and send critical documents in a single step, without having to switch between applications.  
  • Align cases and communications: Automatically assign messages to case files and histories.   
  • Maximize beA workflow efficiency: Use beA and digitally sign with your beA card directly from the Winmacs interface.   


Customer Voices

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Facts and Figures

Efficiency meets Innovation

Transform legal workflows into seamless experiences. Harness the power of an intuitive interface, optimize recurring tasks, and streamline legal communications, all in one platform. Dive into a new era of legal management where efficiency meets innovation.


improved efficiency


faster billing


digital management

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Client conflict checking software: Reduce risks significantly

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Client selection software: Less risks & more efficiency

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Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

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