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Smart Data

Power Your Business Success with Bespoke Smart Data

STP’s tailored Smart Data products support the success of your business by ensuring you have critical business and insolvency data about your customers, competitors and partners at your fingertips.

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Your Benefits

Exactly the Right Smart Data Solutions For Your Needs

Ensure Compliance

Ensure you are aware of any important compliance-relevant changes to the status or business performance of your customers and partners.

Reduce Risk

Receive timely notice of insolvencies or poor business results among your customers and partners.

Enhance Sales & Marketing

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior that will help you engage your target customers more effectively, and use up-to-date insolvency data to minimize your risk.

Business Data

Make Your Data Work for You

STP’s Smart Data products support sales & marketing and compliance for insurance companies, financial services providers, credit agencies and debt collection agencies.

Key Business Information: Centralized, complete, flexible Arrow Down

The browser-based STP BizApp gives you easy, anytime, anywhere access to key business information, from general company data to key financial data and corporate structures.

  • Eliminate time-consuming research: Use the easy to navigate app to find the data you need quickly and easily.
  • Access on the move: The browser-based BizApp can be accessed on desk-based or mobile devices, wherever you are.
  • Simple reporting: Leverage compact visualizations of company structures and easily create company-specific information dossiers.
Company Monitoring: Powerful, reliable, accurate Arrow Down

The STP BizMonitor keeps you updated on the business situation of your key prospects, customers and partners.

  • Lower risk: The creditworthiness of customers and partners is often only checked once, at the start of an engagement. Monitoring ensures your business is aware of any significant deterioration.
  • Avoid losses: Monitoring ensures you can take remedial action before potential payment defaults occur.
Data Delivery: Automated, integrated, comprehensive Arrow Down

STP BizData service provides you with daily updates of key information such as business register changes, SOHOs and the data cleansing service.

  • Locate opportunities: By becoming aware of changes in ownership and structure, newly opened businesses or small service providers such as freelancers (SOHO).
  • Track trends: To identify whether specific companies are shrinking, growing or changing direction.
  • Avoid surprises: For example, by checking the financial performance of your customers and partners to assess any potential problems.
Data Integration: Connected, updated, enhanced Arrow Down

STP’s BizConnect APIs enable you to integrate high value data with your existing infrastructure e.g., your ERP system.

  • Follow companies: Connect the Company Register to keep tabs on relevant businesses.
  • Prevent financial penalties: Integrate access to the German Transparency Register to avoid any potential compliance failures related to money laundering.


Key Business Information: Centralized, complete, flexible
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Insolvency Data

Limit the Damage When Third-Parties Fail

STP's insolvency data solutions help protect your business from financial fallout through continuous insight into partner or customer performance, and early notification of new insolvencies.

Insolvency Overview: Detailed, structured, user-friendly Arrow Down

STP’s InsolvenzPortal gives you user-friendly access to current, structured and highly detailed insolvency data, all in one central location.

  • Protect operations: Shield your business from potential financial losses associated with bad debts or production risks with a complete picture of active insolvency proceedings.
  • Stay competitive: Establish a competitive advantage through early warnings about new insolvency proceedings in specific industries or company size categories.
  • Increase efficiency: Accelerate and partially automate client management processes with access to structured and integrated insolvency data.
Insolvency Data Delivered: Reliable, accessible, structured Arrow Down

STP’s InsOConnect simplifies insolvency claim management by providing anytime access to structured insolvency data, updated daily, within your core applications.

  • Manage risk: Be the first to know when any of your partner or customer organizations registers an insolvency.
  • Manage debtors: Avoid unnecessary enforcement measures by getting early notification of new insolvencies.
  • Stay informed: Receive proactive updates every time there is a change in the status of an insolvency claim your business is pursuing.
InsOData: Current, flexible, integrated Arrow Down

STP's InsOData insolvency database provides access to comprehensive information about every active insolvency case in Germany in a highly structured, easily searchable format.

  • Avoid costs: Eliminate unnecessary enforcement costs and financial penalties through automatic access to new insolvencies among your customers.
  • Optimize staffing: Utilize process automation to adjust personnel requirements for claim management.
  • Minimize losses: Ensure claims are initiated on time to ensure maximum return, and ensure account freezes or delivery cancellations can be actioned quickly.


Track insolvencies: Accurate, automated, timely Arrow Down

STP’s InsOMonitor empowers you to track companies and individuals within the context of newly initiated insolvency proceedings.

  • Stay up-to-date: Integrate proactive insolvency data delivery into your organization’s internal systems.
  • Prioritize watchlists: Define who you want to track by providing master data to the InsOMonitor from your internal systems.
  • Act quickly: Receive proactive notification whenever one of your customers files for insolvency.
Insolvency Overview: Detailed, structured, user-friendly
Facts and Figures

Protect Your Profitability

STP Smart Data solutions help your organization avoid unnecessary losses with efficient advanced warning of potential performance issues and insolvencies within your business ecosystem.


Time savings


lower risk


more transparency

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Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

Insolvency and claim alert: Maximize control & transparency

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Comprehensiv knowledge management for law firms

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